School Libraries: How to Build and Use LibGuides (2 days)

School Libraries: How to Build and Use LibGuides (2 days)

Monday, May 22, 2017
Time U.S. ET:
2:00pm - 3:30pm
Michelle Lustig
Products Covered:
LibGuides and LibGuides CMS
User Level:

This is a two part series, each session in 90 mins.

This session is on LibGuides v2.

We'll Cover:

  • Dashboard Overview
  • Creating a Guide
    • Adding new Pages, Boxes, Content & More
  • What goes in a Guide
    • Adding Images
    • Creating Reading Lists
    • Organizing Content
    • Content Types
    • Best Practices
  • Creating Widgets
  • Using LibGuides as your Homepage
  • Customization Features:
    • Changing Box/Tab Colors
    • Reordering Columns/Boxes
    • Guide Navigation
    • Display Options
  • And much more!

Is This Training on LibGuides v1 or v2?

  • All LibGuides training sessions are delivered on the V2 platform.
  • If you're using LibGuides v1, training recordings are available inside your system:
    • Select HELP from the Orange Command Bar > Training Videos Tab

Ready to take the session? But don't have a v2 site yet? Don't worry, getting a beta site is easy.

Please note:

  • Only an Admin level user can request the beta site.
  • Only the user who requests the beta site can:
    • Set the migration date;
    • Click the link(s) to go live with your v2 system.
  • The "Beta Request" area turns into your "Move to v2 Command Center".
    • All steps to complete your migration are on that screen.
    • Helpful reports to help you clean up your v1 site prior to migration are on that screen.

Requesting Your Site:

  1. Log into your LibGuides v1 site.
  2. Click the LibGuides v2 Beta Request button in the upper left hand column of your LibGuides v1 Dashboard.
  3. Read through the information on the next page.
  4. Click Submit!

Once your site is ready, you'll be notified via email.

Your "beta" site becomes your live site.

It's called your "beta" site because it's where you're learning / working before making the site live to your users, but this is the site that will become your live site once you're ready to make the switch!

As you move through the process, that LibGuides v2 Beta Request page will have updated information, like migration information / reports, so check back periodically by selecting the first option in the dropdown!

For more on requesting a Beta Site and the Migration Process check out our guide on the Migration Process.

For our sessions we use Zoom. There is a small browser plug in required for entering the webinar. It will download automatically when joining the webinar or can be downloaded in advance (Zoom Client for Meetings). For more on Zoom's system requirements, visit their System Requirement documentation. For additional help using Zoom, check out our Trouble Shooting Guide.

Recommended Help Guide: School Libraries & LibGuides Resource Guide

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