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New in LibStaffer: Workflow Forms Help You PerFORM (EU-Optimized Time)

Tuesday, November 20, 2018
5:00am - 5:30am (Eastern Time - US & Canada) change time zone



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What's LibStaffer?

LibStaffer helps you effortlessly create staff and service point schedules. Whether juggling multiple service points with different staffing needs and duties, or handling restrictions on who can work when and for how long, LibStaffer takes the hard work out of staffing and scheduling so you have time for more important projects.

Workflow Forms Transforms LibStaffer into your Complete Staffing Solution

From searching for the right candidate, to hiring, and then staffing them... Workflow Forms has you covered for your entire staffing life cycle. 

What's LibStaffer Workflow Forms?

Create customized mobile-first forms that facilitate the entire life cycle of the form after the initial submission. Build Volunteer Forms, Job Applications, Student Employment Forms, etc.

Workflow Forms:

  • Sends automatic email notifications to various staff members based on selected values within form fields.
  • Builds “stages” for each Workflow Form so different staff are notified whenever a form reaches a given stage.
  • Enables you to decide who can review form submissions.
  • Allows staff members to leave notes and communicate internally regarding the content of submissions.
  • Displays a full record of each form submission and the workflow/history of touches, assisting in compliance and record keeping for a transparent audit trail.

We'll cover:

  • Brief LibStaffer Tour - Quick tour of the entire LibStaffer platform from creating schedules, staffing shifts, handling time-off requests, and 'punching-in' via our exciting Time Clock tool, and more! 
  • LibStaffer Workflow Forms - Deep dive into LibStaffer Workflow forms including creation of a form and how a submission goes through the audit-trail stages. 
  • Coming Soon! - GPS Limiters for Clocking In/Out, Integrated SMS notifications, and more! 
Note: This webinar is not an in-depth training session.
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