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SpringyCamp 2019

Wednesday, July 31, 2019
12:30pm - 3:00pm (Eastern Time - US & Canada) change time zone


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We are very excited to present this year's SpringyCamp lineup! SpringyCamp will last approximately 2.5 hours with a short break in the middle.

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Tessa Withorn - CSUDH

You Shall Pass: Designing Engaging, Student-Centered LibWizard Tutorials 

Learn how one librarian designed and pitched a course-integrated tutorial for a fully online undergraduate nursing course to introduce evidence-based practice. Tessa will discuss her process of integrating open education resources, animated videos, infographics, and hands on searching to engage students in a discipline-specific research process. By requiring the correct answer to continue through a standalone tutorial with strategic questions and feedback, students learn through trial and error. She'll also suggest some best practices for styling your tutorial, getting student feedback, collaborating with course instructors, and managing bumps along the road.

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Ellen Filgo - Baylor University

Assessing Research Consultations: Surveying a ‘Captive’ Audience - Ellen Filgo, Baylor University

When the Baylor University Research and Engagement Librarians moved off the reference desk in 2013, they ramped up their research consultation program, using LibCal’s appointment scheduler as a convenient way for students to book appointments with the librarians. In 2017, they came to the realization that there was an untapped opportunity for assessing their program, through LibCal’s automatic email system, which sends a follow-up email to each person making an appointment. That year, they inserted a link to a survey (created through LibWizard) in that follow-up email with questions about the research consultation. This process was a very easy and low-maintenance way to perform assessment with what is virtually a captive audience. This presentation will present the results of what they learned through assessing a year and a half of responses about their research consultation program. Spoiler alert: students love it!

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Evan Barber - University of Illinois, Springfield

Oh, the Things You'll Curate: Using LibGuides and LibWizard to Promote Collections and Track Success - Evan Barber, The University of Illinois Springfield

Spreading the word about a new collection can be hard and tracking the success of social media posts and events can be even harder. Springshare makes it easy with their user-friendly tools and built-in reporting capabilities. This session will cover how to use LibGuides as a collection curation platform, leverage LibWizard to keep track of suggestions and checkout agreements, and using the reports built into those products to identify if events and social media posts are successful.

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Mikki Smith Corning Museum of Glass

From Answer to Experience: LibAnswers FAQs Transformed - Mikki Smith, The Corning Museum of Glass

In 2018, the Library's Public Services Team formalized a plan to re-imagine the pool of several hundred static, redundant, and sometimes out-of-date published FAQs to function as a mobile-friendly, visually appealing introduction to Library and Museum resources. The new and revised FAQs provide concise, up-to-date answers to common or interesting glass-related questions written for a general audience. Revised FAQs highlight relevant digital content from across the organization where possible, including blog posts, images, digitized library resources, and videos from their YouTube channel, as well as a small number of print and archival resources in their collections that might be of interest. The project has so far raised the profile of the library within the organization and allowed them to strengthen collaborative relationships with other departments as they update the information they provide and the ways in which they provide it. FAQs are now viewed as an opportunity not only to provide high-quality reference service, but also to create a virtual experience for users that inspires them to explore further.

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Catie Carlson & Luann Edwards Tiffin University

Using LibCal to Create Consistent Instruction - Catie Carlson & Luann Edwards, Tiffin University

With nearly half our student population online, it made sense to have a librarian dedicated to online services. It created a touchpoint for online students and a contact in online course development similar to our campus processes. However, despite having this resource available, we realized that our library instruction and outreach were separate and unequal for our campus and online populations. This presentation will walk through how we leveraged LibCal to offer similar library learning opportunities and interactions for our whole university.

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Bonnie Lafazan & Jessica Kiebler, Berkeley College

Using LibInsight to Reshape How We Assess Our Marketing & Outreach Efforts - Bonnie Lafazan & Jessica Kiebler, Berkeley College

In order to measure the library's positive impact on the college community, Berkeley College Library's Outreach & Marketing Committee designed an assessment workflow using a LibInsight form, which allows us to effectively assess and analyze programming ad outreach efforts, which are aligned to the institutional goals and the library’s operational goals. Participants will learn about our library’s strategic method of reshaping our assessment processes and how they created an effective data collection form with LibInsight, all which work well for a multi-campus institution.

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Zoe Rath - Berklee College of Musis

Moving Beyond Subject-Focused LibGuides - Zoë Rath, Berklee College of Music

LibGuides are so versatile, there is no reason to limit them to just subject guides. Zoë Rath will showcase the unique ways that they used LibGuides promote library displays, library and campus events, faculty class guides, and even a conference. They partnered with the archives department and created a portal back in time and showcase historic black and white photographs celebrating Woodstock's 50th anniversary using the blog functionality in LibGuides.

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SpringyCamp will start at 12:30pm US ET and should last approximately 2.5 hours. All sessions will be recorded and available on the SpringyCamp website by 8/2.

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