LibGuide Inheritance (Kim Westbrooks, Jacksonville State University)

Saturday, June 22, 2019
12:00pm - 12:20pm U.S. ET (UTC -5)
Michelle Lustig
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Guest Presenter
ALA Midwinter: Philadelphia Booth #1056
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  LibGuides & LibGuides CMS  

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Kim Westbrooks, Business and Social Sciences Librarian
Jacksonville State University

Starting a new job can be intimidating, but navigable information sources can ease the transition. A retiring librarian at a medium-sized academic institution, Jacksonville State University, created and updated 21 LibGuides that eased the transition for the librarian entering his position. This presentation briefly covers how one librarian began an educational transformation into academic librarianship by using the inherited wealth of information stored in LibGuides by the previous librarian. These guides helped the new librarian build a base of knowledge in subject, course, and instructor specific information. The ability to search course catalogs and departmental listings to find the instructors and courses that utilized each specific LibGuide was immediately available, providing a greater understanding of subject information and stakeholders for the incoming librarian. The task of library liaison to all business and social sciences departments takes a great deal of time and familiarity with campus departments in order to fulfill expected responsibilities. Typical transition issues of lapsed services and lack of communication were reduced by the existence of inherited LibGuides.

Products covered: LibGuides & LibGuides CMS

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