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Using LibInsight to Plan, Report, and Deliver Service Excellence

Wednesday, November 20, 2019
11:00am - 11:30am (Eastern Time - US & Canada) change time zone


TIME UPDATE: Please note that this event's time has been corrected. The event is at 11:00am - 11:30am US ET. 

Guest Speaker: City, University of London

Derek MacKenzie, Head of User Services, will cover how they're using LibInsight for service planning, internal communication, and deliver accreditation-awarded Customer Service Excellence. 

What is LibInsight?

LibInsight allows you to store all library data (e-resources, circulation, acquisition, reference, LibGuides, etc.) in one platform for deep analytics, to showcase public-facing stats via dashboards, and run cross-data analysis.

During this 30-minute webinar, we'll cover:

  • (10min) Brief LibInsight Tour w/ Examples - Quick tour of LibInsight covering various datasets, dashboards, and cross-dataset analysis.
  • (15min) Guest Speaker: Using LibInsight to Plan, Report, and Deliver Service Excellence
    • Library Activity Dashboard (e.g https://city-uk.libinsight.com/library1819) – how we use this to share info about library activity with our academic community and across the other institutions in University of London federation; how we decided what to include.
    • How we’ve used LibInsight Datasets in Service Planning - we’re currently planning a move and merger of our two Law Libraries for next summer. The circulation data we’ve loaded into a dataset is much more readily harvested and reviewed in LibInsight than would be the case with our LMS management information tool. So this has enabled us to review collection use to shape how we’ve planned the timing of the move, identify key text, etc
    • Customer Service Excellence Accreditation for our Library Service - this is a nationally recognized standard and we used a lot of data from LibInsight in our portfolio. Now we’re starting to work on an Action Plan for next steps based on the assessor’s report,developing service standards for example, so we’ll definitely be using various LibInsight datasets to achieve this.
  • (3-5min) Q & A - Come prepped with questions!
Note: This webinar is not an in-depth training session.
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