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Univ. of Tennessee Knoxville: LibAnswers for ER Troubleshooting

Saturday, February 10, 2018
11:00am - 11:15am U.S. ET (UTC -4) convert to my time zone

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PLA 2020: Booth #641
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Guest Presenter
Talia Richards


Elyssa Gould
Elyssa Gould
Electronic Resources Librarian

Streamlining "eProblems" Using LibAnswers for Electronic Resource Troubleshooting

In 2017, I worked with staff in electronic resources management to streamline how we handle our "eproblems" (our local name for electronic resource access issues) as well as effectively capturing statistics about those problems. 

We strategized, tested, tweaked, and implemented a workflow for how we handle these "eproblems" as well as what statistics we capture. We chose the LibAnswers tool and are pleased with how this tool has helped us better streamline our work with access issues, especially in tracking troubleshooting and resolution.  We are planning to use the statistics we've gathered to better inform our own training, training others in the library, and better communicate with our vendors about ongoing, long-term access issues.

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