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LibStaffer: Time to Shift Gears

Thursday, April 12, 2018
11:00am - 11:30am (Eastern Time - US & Canada) change time zone


It's About Time... Savings!

Stop relying on spreadsheets and spending countless hours manually creating staffing schedules. It’s time to click those spreadsheets to the curb and move to LibStaffer, a one-stop shop for staff and service point scheduling.

We'll cover:

  • Quick Overview Tour - Learn how LibStaffer saves you time by storing multiple schedules in one place. 
  • Auto-Scheduler - LibStaffer’s auto-scheduler technology makes it easy to schedule staffers in just seconds. 
  • Empowering Staff - Optionally turn on shift-swapping, giving up shifts, and shift-spliting so staff work together to cover tasks... and not through you
  • Time-Off Management - Staffers can submit time-off requests tagged with customizable categories (i.e. vacation, conference, sick). Turn on mediation and approve or deny all time-off requests.
  • Effortless Communication - Send customized email notifications containing schedule, admin notes, and detailed shift notes. Staffers can connect LibStaffer to Outlook/Exchange for auto-delivery right into their calendar.
  • Detailed Reports & Statistics - Create on-demand reports for immediate decision-making. Use Reports & Statistics during staff evaluations, too.
Note: This webinar is not an in-depth training session.
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