March Mammal Madness (René Tanner, Arizona State University)

Friday, January 24, 2020
6:15pm - 6:30pm U.S. ET (UTC -5)
Talia Richards
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Guest Presenter
ALA Midwinter: Philadelphia Booth #1056
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  LibGuides & LibGuides CMS     Librarian Guest Presenter  

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Rene Tanner
Guest Speaker: René Tanner
Arizona State University

March Mammal Madness & LibGuides: The Bracket for Animal Lovers

When you think of March, you automatically think of March Madness. At ASU, they're doing things a bit differently. March Mammal Madness is an educational opportunity to learn all about our planet's species interwoven with a 'sporting' bracket to serve as a thrilling competitive experience. The entire tournament is housed in a LibGuide with a downloadable bracket and Rounds are narrated on Wakelet

This flash presentation will discuss March Mammal Madness and hopefully get you inspired to implement it at your Library this coming March. 

Products covered: LibGuides & LibGuides CMS, Librarian Guest Presenter

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