Creating a Virtual Workplace with LibGuides CMS & LibAnswers

Monday, March 30, 2020
2:00pm - 2:50pm U.S. ET (UTC -4)
Jen Forgit
Session type:
Basic Training Session
LibGuides Training Room: https://springshare.zoom.us/j/625567293
Products covered:
  LibGuides & LibGuides CMS     Online Learning - COVID-19  
User Level:
All Users  

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In this session:

LibGuides CMS is primarily used to curate knowledge and share information, letting you create webpages, share database resources and communicate with the public. But do you know about all of the LibGuides CMS tools that help you collaborate and communicate internally, with staff? 

In LibGuides:

  • Create an Internal Staff Group
  • Create Staff Information Guides
  • Set up an Internal Blog
  • Create Forms & Surveys to checkin with staff
  • Use Internal Discussion Boards
  • Use the Publishing Workflow 

In LibAnswers

  • Create an Internal FAQ Group
  • Set up accounts
  • FAQs for staff
  • Embedd FAQs in LibGuides

This session assumes a base knowledge of LibGuides. If you are new to LibGuides we reccomend that you watch or attend the Building a Guides Session prior to this one. This session is for all user levels.

This session is intended for: All Users

Products covered: LibGuides & LibGuides CMS, Online Learning - COVID-19

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